25.04.2019 • Play - Court of Choice deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus

In the coming years, will be working on a brand new music theater triptych ‘Preacher in Power’. In this first part, PLAY - Court of Choice, OTP immediately erases the boundaries between text, image and music. More than that, she is a single language and a single score. ‘PLAY - Court of Choice’ is a musical tennis competition for 3 actors, string quartet and percussion, with a referee who leads and steers the game.
Expect a happening, a tableau vivant, in which, through the game of sport, the power relations in the schizophrenic democracy are exposed. Who are the players? Who are their judges? How are the roles divided and by whom? How do we recognize the follower and the master in today’s Western society? Can we live with a draw?
‘PLAY - Court of Choice’ brings a vision of what happens to an individual who monitors the rules, but loses himself completely in his function. Gluttony and the desire for more and higher, drive both the judge and the players of the game to the limit and the extreme.

Other dates:
26.04.2019deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus
02.05.2019Handelsbeurs Concertzaal
22.06.2019kunstencentrum nona
18.10.2019De Grote Post - tickets available from June
Illustration by Silke Groffy

Court of Choice part 1 | PLAY - trailer
Video by Mathijs Poppe