One Trick Pony (OTP) is a contemporary music laboratory in which various art forms are explored, with music and sound as the central theme. You can discover the results of this exploration as a music theater performance on the roof of a building, as a concert along the highway, as a declining instrument in the forest …
The dream of OTP is to create a place for artists from different backgrounds (inspiration: Andy Warhol Factory) to experiment with their own art forms and music.

You can become a in our meadow yourself. You can do this in different ways:

You can invest in via donation or you can contact Sarie via +32 489 30 54 08 or This way you are investing in the creation of a new language, a new light, a new wind within the experience of music in the contemporary cultural landscape. You’re encouraging diversity within different generations and backgrounds and creating openness, all with music as motor. OTP will use 85% of your investment for the production of one of the projects they are working on this year. The remaining 15% is used as overhead to set up future projects.

Shopping online and supporting without paying one euro extra? Surf to your favourite web shops such as HEMA​, ColliShop,​ and many others via TROOPER. About 5% of your purchase goes straight to the projects of OTP.

Buy an OTP-sweater, the score of Autobahn Utopia or the composition Loo Tunes, a unique mix of contemporary baroque music, soft kitchenette jazz, drug songs and easy-listening abstract music, especially composed to enjoy in the smallest room of the building. To buy one of these things, just send an email to